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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Icelandic Gull

No waxwings that I could see so popped in to see the Icelandic Gull at Preston Docks ... just in time before it took off again.

The light wasn't great; well it was, it was just the contrast was too great and one couldn't get the sun behind one to get a 'good' photo.

I believe Iceland Gulls (Larus Glaucoides) breed in northern Canada and Greenland, so this fella is a fair way from 'home'. I understand they are migratory birds anyway and as well as the British Isles winter in the north east states of the USA. Again apparently only seen in Iceland during the winter. I guess all these north-east winds from that area will bring use more migratory birds over the coming winter months... someting to look out for. Like most gulls I think they will eat just about anything and will scavenge for food. Welcome to Preston!

joining the fray

the 'bun fight' for the bread chuckers

for size comparison against other birds

they're MAD in Preston, I'm otutta here!


Brian Rafferty said...

Hi Geoff.

Nice shots. I am not mad about gulls but this one is special so I must make the effort. May combine it with the Freckleton firecrests if I can find them !!
Must meet up again sometime.
Take care. Brian.

trapper 63 said...

Hi Brian
It's an intersting Gull, plummage is distinctive... and often seen on its own. Seems a little lost, but then when it joins the fray it doesn't take any prisoners... mind you it wont argue with the Mute Swans, then again most folk wouldn't!