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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Great Northen Diver (juvenile) at Fleetwood Marine Lake

I think everyone has been out to see this surprise visitor and I was there on my own as it was freezing and blowing a whoolie. Needles to say it kept chasing off the Mergansers and didn't really come close enough for me – so no more than record photographs. (BR site as always has much better images) It spent most of the time under the water, pop up somewhere, just have time to see it, move the camera before it dived again!

The annoying thing is you are half a mile from Knott End yet it's a fifteen mile road trip. Perhaps someone could build one of those ramp things like Evil Kneivel used to use, a Ski Jump ramp or Skateboard type thing but for cars, so that those of us brave enough could speed along at 70mph, up the ramp, over the River Wyre and land in Knott End! Not sure the suspension would survive though. I like the thought ... any engineers out there with some money? Perhaps a Car Ferry? Too obvious. Low water is the problem... nah simply drive across!

Great Northern Diver (juvenile) 

par for the course

Red Breated Merganser (male)

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