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Thursday, 9 June 2011

There's always hope...

...and I lied!
Visiting Blue Tit family

Juvenile Coal Tit

Grey Heron fishing at Newton Marsh

Juvenile Lapwing

Typhoon ZJ699 (as seen on google)

He's taking the proverbial

Can't get any lower without landing!

Long Tailed Tit

Banded demoiselle (female)

Garden Toad

In an earlier post I had not anticipated going out, but as I had had no lunch (break) and the skies had cleared a brief late afternooon visit to Newton Marsh brought little of interest other than the usual but it is still enjoyable spending an hour down there watching the comings and goings... so I lied about not getting out this week! Then again the number of cars turning up with 'dog walkers' who patrol up and down is a bit of a worry. And of course down at Newton Marsh there is always the chance of being blown off your feet by one of the Typoons who 'beat up' the approach to Warton at 50 feet... I'm sure there must be a law against it. It never ceases to amaze me how far we have come in just over 100 years from no flight at all to these chaps having 'a damn good show, wot'. You can look up Typoon ZJ699 on Google if you are interested in this sort of stuff... I am. The juvenile Lapwing and 'fishing' Grey Heron were record of the day only.

Meanwhile inbetween the showers, a family of Blue Tits and a family of Coal Tits have been visiting the garden so I managed a few photos. While earlier I may have been despondent about the number of failed nests I have seen this year, I am not naiive enough to realise somewhere else someone is being successful... so there is always hope. The rain showers brought out one of the toads into the garden and a couple of images from a local walk of the female Banded Demoiselle loitering(!) and a Long Tailed Tit moving through the canopy.


Martin Jump said...

Geoff Love the Blue Tit feeding,not happy with planes,but great images

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. I quite like to see and hear the Typhoons,very impressive.I am sure however the residents of Newton Marsh are not impressed. Nice set of images Geoff. We must be due to meet up again sometime. Take care.

Geoff Gradwell said...

Thanks for the comments folks... STRANGELY I have never noticed the aircraft traffic really being a disturbance to the wildlife on Newton Marsh, whereas a bird strike could be catostrophic... in some ways it's surprising Warton put up with NM on their flight path... Cross your palm with silver on the LEO's location Brian! Sure we'll all meet up soon. Best