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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Purple Patch

Another repeat performance, but I hope worthy of posting. I've lost track myself I've been out so many times both early and late... is it Thursday? It also occurred to me that if someone had said to me anytime in the last two years I would be taking photos such as these, I'd have thought them nuts. What wonderful subjects, so close to home and all within 10 minutes of Preston City Centre. We mark able! So a big THANKS to everyone for their support, advice, guidance, help and continued support. Hope to catch up personally soon.

Juvenile Peregrine

Juvenile Peregrine

Male Peregrine

Male Peregrine (note remnants of a kill in the talons)

Evening light, on landing approach

I've been spending any spare time out at the three locations at all hours subject to conditions, Peregerine, Barn Owl, Common Terns, I haven't had time to post and keep this up-to-date, these being a week old, but finally in the right place at the right time... and there's more to follow, I think!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Common Tern Alarm

Sorry for yet more, but as it was a nice evening I thought I would pop down and see how the Terns were. Upon approach I thought someone was out ringing the youngsters as there was a cacaphony of noise and birds in the air everywhere. It turned out the local Sea Cadets were rowing around the pontoons and the poor birds were going ballistic, everyone of them was off the nest and in the air... I wasn't impressed and had a word in the ear of the 'captain'... claimed 'didn't know they were there.... ' they were all over the place dive-bombing the rowing boat!

It was intersting light, so here are a few pics. It seems man has to disrupt wildlife wherever you go.

 And thank you for your comments, Sorry if I have not responded in 'comments', I didn't think you would be back to check, so thank you all for looking in and your comments ARE appreciated.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

One Good Tern...

Cringe! Trying to catch up, these were taken a week ago. Now pay attention and make notes, I'll be asking questions later! Not really, but later blogs will allow to compare growth rate I hope. We mark able! The local roach population must be beginning to suffer!
Just to get this out of the way, I'd mentioned Hilda Ogden's flying ducks in an ealier
post and shiver me timbers nearly got these three mallards in the right pose
over Preston Docks! Nearly!

The main family – he's such a good fisherman

Feeding junior

'sleek' or wot?

Doesn't matter how big you are.... these Common Terns take no prisoners!

Note the 'nest' and three eggs to the right of the wing

A good old sqwabble (note the change in light and background!)

Just missed the bottom wing tip off the photo... nearly!

One of my better photos methinks

Bad Day but interesting Pegs

I had to attend nearby and it seemed a shame not to call at you know where. As soon as I parked the car I heard the calling 'of the wild'. Only problem, as you can see, the light was awful. Nevertheless I hope these images tell a story and provide some interest... learning to fly and land! Once again the unnatural effect is entirely due to the natural light at the time... untouched.

Juvenile, much biigger than Dad

Dad off on a sortie, watched by Mum

Juvenile on approach to landing

'... it looked easy enough!'

the smooth side of the steeple not the obvious or best choice!

another landing attempt

and another... note Dad is already on the ledge, on his back, talons gaping

Dad gives in and is displaced

Junior attempts another landing, watched from above

and finally finds a perch

You'll be pleased to know, I thinnk I have some better images to follow, but not quite as good a story.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Still trying to catch up...

These photos were taken on 17 June (so I don't forget!)

Trying to catch up...

Here' we go... some older reference I haven't had time to post yet. I'm not sure it needs too many words, other than the later images are taken in poor light, as you can see!

Garden Blue Tits

Waiting to be fed

Knott End juvenile Starling

Knott End juvenile Starling

Male Linnet

Female Linnet


Snipe with Redshank, Newton Marsh

Snipe with Redshank, Newton Marsh