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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Newton Marsh, Swallows and Sands

I made a relatively early start at Newton Marsh with a view to going across the Fylde to Fluke Hall et al. Newton Marsh was very quiet, only to be expected at this time of year and there didn't seem to be even a little mouse moving... so time to head off, especially as it was just beginning to rain. One last check of the marsh and all of a sudden a number of Swallows descended onto the boundary fence along with a few Sand Martins. Plenty of juveniles and youngsters amongst them so I hung around for a while. There didn't seem to be too much insect life about at that time, wet and miserable yet one or two adults called in and fed the odd youngster. Before I know where I was it was mid-morning.

ve harv vaes orf escaping...   don't tell him your name Pike!  The Colditz boundary at Newton Marsh... two fences and electrified!

enough wire?

no not waiting to be fed....
...on yer bike mate


Pete Woodruff said...

Great pics here Geoff including a very interesting one above the caption 'on yer bike mate' which shows a Swallow showing an interest in a Sand Martin....intriguing.

By the way I've lost your e-mail address Geoff.

Christian said...

A super series of images here Geoff. You must be absolutely delighted with all of them, especially the feeding moments.