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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A bit brass

I had to run over to Knott End again... four whooper swans on Lancaster Road, but a bit too far away for any photo, about 80 Wood Pigeon and small flock of about 200 Starling, the latter two disturbed by a raptor; from the glimpse I had, guessing at a Peregrine. As I progressed a few Pink Footed Geese were in the air so I figured it was worthwhile popping over to Bradshaw Lane, whereupon (record images only) 20+ Tree Sparrows, 12+ Chaffinch, 2 Robins, 2 Magpie, 2 Starlings, 3 Yellowhammers, 2 Stock Doves, 12 Wood Pigeon and 4 Red-Legged Partridge that made me laugh the way they finally 'came in' line astern... but no Pink Footed.  But driving into Knott End I spotted half a dozen geese in the air and tracked a small flock down to a field off Pilling Lane ... and for those viewers who are further afield (and at work), a view of the Lakes across Morecambe Bay. And incredibly while 90% of the UK is paralysed by snow, so far we have had none... but it is darn cold.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Icelandic Gull

No waxwings that I could see so popped in to see the Icelandic Gull at Preston Docks ... just in time before it took off again.

The light wasn't great; well it was, it was just the contrast was too great and one couldn't get the sun behind one to get a 'good' photo.

I believe Iceland Gulls (Larus Glaucoides) breed in northern Canada and Greenland, so this fella is a fair way from 'home'. I understand they are migratory birds anyway and as well as the British Isles winter in the north east states of the USA. Again apparently only seen in Iceland during the winter. I guess all these north-east winds from that area will bring use more migratory birds over the coming winter months... someting to look out for. Like most gulls I think they will eat just about anything and will scavenge for food. Welcome to Preston!

joining the fray

the 'bun fight' for the bread chuckers

for size comparison against other birds

they're MAD in Preston, I'm otutta here!

Monday, 22 November 2010

That Juvenile Icelandic Gull

Down at Preston Docks, a juvenile Icelandic Gull has been looking a bit sorry for itself, billy no-mates and getting grief from the locals.

John and George Gradwell along with six or more local gentleman were responsible for Preston Docks, 'kicking off back in the 1790's before funding the project sometime around 1815... notttalot people know that!

Attracting unwanted attention from the locals...

It's just another day ... of Waxwings

After an appointment, an early lunch and perhaps a quieter moment to catch up with the waxwings – thankfully.

The problem was the sun was behind a bleedin great big cloud and refused to come out. The light wasn't too great. Relatively quiet (only one other photographer, before two more appeared from Liverpul) and a large flock today, maybe 150+. As a consequence a bit skittish and off all over the place, but when they did drop in to feed they were not bovvered by my being there and so close I couldn't get them in focus (seriously, perhaps ten feet away!) and so many of them, all over the place, squabbling and carrying on little was in focus! It wont too wam either!

The berries have nearly all gone, so I guess they too will be moving on, hopefully somewhere else in Preston where we might catch up with them ... in the sunshine hopefully.

eerrrr... who ate all the berries?

Groundhog Groundhog – Even more waxwings!

Sayin nowt!

Crackin birds, shame I don't have the equipment to do them justice!...

... just the way my trousers hang!

Groundhog Day – More waxwings

Having spent days and hours looking for them... I'm gonna post 'em... all right?

What crackin birds...

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Eerr been away a long time

Not, thankfully like Captain Lawrence Oates... my apologies for the gap in proceedings ... as Spike Milligan said... "I told you I was ill!". I am not sure I can remember how to do this! Eeek they appear to have updated some of the way one does things.

Local friends, birders and bloggers will know, Preston has been beset by an influx of Waxwings from Scandinavia... and I have been patrolling the streets of Preston looking for them (you can get locked up for that!). After many fruitless attempts I finally managed a few photos on 16 November. Here ya go...

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