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Monday, 22 November 2010

It's just another day ... of Waxwings

After an appointment, an early lunch and perhaps a quieter moment to catch up with the waxwings – thankfully.

The problem was the sun was behind a bleedin great big cloud and refused to come out. The light wasn't too great. Relatively quiet (only one other photographer, before two more appeared from Liverpul) and a large flock today, maybe 150+. As a consequence a bit skittish and off all over the place, but when they did drop in to feed they were not bovvered by my being there and so close I couldn't get them in focus (seriously, perhaps ten feet away!) and so many of them, all over the place, squabbling and carrying on little was in focus! It wont too wam either!

The berries have nearly all gone, so I guess they too will be moving on, hopefully somewhere else in Preston where we might catch up with them ... in the sunshine hopefully.

eerrrr... who ate all the berries?


Anonymous said...

didn’t know they parrots in Preston!

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Nice shots considering the poor light. These waxwings really did perform for us. Great memories !!

trapper 63 said...

Hi Brian
Took me quite a few hours of searching before finding them at Euston Rd. Good to see you and Martin and friends. They certainly did perform, I caught up with them later in the week when there were only two of us there and they came within ten feet of me, I struggled to change the focus etc! Hope to see more over the winter.
Best W

Anonymous said...

They have extremely short legs I see

trapper 63 said...

I think you'll find that's a Kakapo...

and time you got some work done.