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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

It's a nuthatch

At the end of September, the end of that hurricane, Nadine was it called? made a mess of a long established date over the border into tyke country.

However, it had some benefits as I had taken some bird food with me (never travel anywhere without nowadays.... well maybe not) and chucked some out as soon as I arrived in t'middle o nowere at chez nous; only to be shocked with the almost immediate arrival of a Nuthatch. The next two days were spent entertained by this arrival and to top it all it had a friend – two nuthatches, and while they rarely hung around long enough to get any photos, at times they were within twenty feet. Epic.

No apologies, all nuthatch in this post (well how often is it you see one?) the only down side was the weather and the light and while I guess I could make some smart errrrr comment about being over the border, it was better than hereabouts!

1 comment:

Martin Jump said...

Another great set of images Geoff,that new lens is certainly being put to good use,keep em coming.