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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pallas's Warbler

Well this little fella is certainly a long way from home.

My second task is to express a very big thank you to Chris Batty, not only for finding it, spreading the word but allowing access to this little beauty.

The simplest thing to say is it wasn't easy to see and only briefly popped into view, but what a view.

Not great images but I have attempted to show the plumage best I can from what I have, especially the three yellow head stripes and two yellow wing stripes.

I am certainly tempted to take a days holiday for another viewing, what's the weather forecast (it was totally wrong today).

I understand only two previous recorded on the Fylde... has to be worth another visit (I'm convincing myself, I'm convincing myself....)

illustrative of the difficulties


Paul Foster said...

Very well done Geoff on showing some images of this bird.It ain`t arf a bugger to photograph though!!!!

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Brilliant shots of this little gem..very well done. I have never seen one but could be tempted. Definitely worth a day off I would say !!

Christian said...

Geoff, just seen your starlings on Flickr - what an amazing image! It's stupendously good! I could look at it for hours. Get it in a competition mate.