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Saturday, 13 October 2012

EEeee Gads Gordon

More Gadwall, self explanatory really, opportunity to compare the two males and the female; to compare, to compare (clever advertising that, even I can't stop myself from doing it! Yuk! BUT I refuse to use them on principle for that reason, so it IS counter-productive).

Oh and as I have said before dear reader, while I am more than pleased to share; this is also a selfish blog so I can keep a track of my images and when and where. I can't remember what I had for breakast (have I had breakfast?) let alone images I took one day many moons ago (howwwllll) and this blog is a useful reference for images taken and when. As proved to be the case this very week when I needed to find an image taken in July 2011 (but I didn't know that then) and the most efficient way of finding it was on this blog. I know what I'm rabbiting on about, don't worry, I'll go and lie down now. Photos taken about a week ago (so I can find them!).

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Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff.Gadwall are superb looking wildfowl and you have done them proud with your terrific series of shots.The third one down is a classic shot and would grace any publication.Well done and meet up sometime.