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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rubbish to a masterpiece in sixty seconds

You know how it is, you spend hours 'birding' and see nowt and after a lengthy (rubbish) session I was sat in the car just packing up to depart when something caught my attention to my right. Glancing over, this rascal was sat in a tree about twenty feet away having just flown in. Slowly bringing the camera to bear – he just sat there! I wasn't going to miss this opportunity, so another post on one subject! 

Juvenile Sparrowhawk for the one reader who isn't a birder based in the uk. So close was he I had trouble getting all of him in the frame, I did just manage it by turning the camera around ninety degrees to portrait. He is going to have to learn not to hang around so long in one spot! or is it a she?

While not quite a masterpiece technically, sat in the dappled sunlight under the tree and perhaps a bit longer than sixty seconds – but turned my day from rubbish to a masterpiece.

this is 'I'm off pose' and sure enough .... away 


Martin Jump said...

Wow, Geoff that is close,I love the light on the bird,they are all brilliant but the next to the last is my fav with the light on the eye.Well deserved for all your time and effort you put in.

Christian said...

So, so good Geoff. I am still waiting for this Sparrowhawk moment - so many missed chances in my recollection! Cracking shots mate.

Pete Woodruff said...

Impressive, masterpiece or not....pretty impressive Geoff.


By the way....does anyone know if - or how - we can get rid of the 'Please prove you're not a robot' thing.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Super shots and well deserved..I too think the last two are cracking shots with the highlighted eye.Well done Geoff no doubt meet up somewhere sometime.