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Monday, 6 August 2012


I did say, I'd try and catch up... I am not doing a very good job!

These swallows, photographed at Newton Marsh in early July seemed to say in pictures, more than we can say in words about this year's summer.

I need to do some checking on my five and six spot Burnet Moths – anyone?

I came across my first Meadow Brown, where last year there were loads of Common Blues, Skippers, Tortoiseshell, Peacock and of course Meadow Brown, this year — zilch, nowt bar one.

I'd been spending a little time on moths, as again I know nowt, moved my recycling bin and found this Scalloped Oak (and a Large Yellow Underwing but too dark to photograph).

My annual sojourn across the border produced a Common Orchid and surprisingly (for me) a number of Ringlet. I say surprising, because they are supposed to be 'common' yet I have not found any over here and these were limited to a stretch of about 20 yards (sod metric) of riverbank. I'm not sure but suspect the two were coupled in mating but can't be one hundred percent sure.

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Phil said...

Nice spotty Swallow GG.