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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back home on the local patch

You may have seen Martin's blog and as we live on the same patch we met up one lunchtime for a mooch around, some of my results posted here. We were primarily looking for Dragonflies and while a few were about, photographing as always proves a challenge unless you can catch them on a favoured perch. I was hoping for one or two different species and only appear to have come up with Common Darter – not that I'm complaining they were most entertaining. 

The odd other species were available but I didn't do a very good job of photographing them, a few enclosed and coming upon a small pond it took me back fifty years to a very similar location where I caught my first young roach (or are they rudd?) from the edge of a pond, literally with a bamboo cane and length of line, hook and maggot. It is that abiding memory of childhood that has led me to the wild lochs of Scotland that have barely seen a human, fishing for wild brown trout on the fly – my kinda country. (My last visit a couple of years ago turned up Red Throated Diver with young!)

The school of fish attracted me by their red fins and two images to show what a difference the light makes and finally two images that show me in my 'arty mode'.



Martin Jump said...

Great set of images Geoff,the fish turned out well,and as you say the water lily is very arty.mj

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. More wonderful images from your day with Martin. My favourite is the stunning image of the perfectly posed green veined White. Super stuff...well done Geoff.

Christian said...

I do like the Lilly Geoff. Lovely subtle light.