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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lesser Snow Geese off Rossall! Honest!

I couldn't beieve my eyes or the photos either.

Here are some iffy images taken from Rossall at low water,13 seen going towards Cleveleys then returning towards Fleetwood a couple of hours later. Only problem was they were between me and the sun.

As you can see they veered off when they clocked me.

I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who may know more.

Still in  a state of shock!

UPDATE: A number of other people reported the same birds flying west from Pilling, including Chis Batty, who knows what he is talking about (unlike me) and Chris reported "12 white morph (10 adults, 2 juvs), 1 adult blue morph - then flew west". The following day the same flock appear to have turned up at Slimbridge (near Bristol), I dunno 200 miles away?

You can see the blue morph bird in the pictures, especially the last one.

Maybe my luck has truned at last. Fingers crossed.

Toes crossed.

Legs crossed...

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