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Friday, 27 July 2012

It's NOT a Barn Owl but gold

I have been remiss lately in not posting and much to catch up on, then again you probably would have become bored with constant posts on Common Terns.

I also have to say, I have perhaps become a little disheartened with this bleedin weather, not being able to get out because of the rain, lack of sunshine, poor light and one thing and another (and to illustrate the point further, down at Preston Docks, to the west, heavy dark grey clouds threatening a battering downpour or two and to the east, blue sky and fluffy white clouds and I was right on the edge of the two, neither one or t'other – unbelievable).

It was one of those typical days we have had lately, sun breaking out as I left home yet raining by the time I got to the end of the street and so it stayed all day – couldn't make its mind up (mind you forecast was just 'miserable' so any sunshine was a bonus).

I was homeward bound 'over Pilling' (I know my way around but not detail of where I am! sounds about right!) and I was in a self-imposed conundrum about which way to get home... the fast way, that way or this way... I'd seen a barn owl this way some months ago... sixth sense.

Thankfully the car is automatic, so I don't have to worry about clutch and gear changes, just as well, the sixth sense kicked in again, check road, check mirror, stand on the brakes, find somewhere sensible to pull up – and there on the top of a pole was an Owl, not a Barn Owl but a Little Owl. I love Little Owls – they'd win all the Olympic Gold Medals in whatever event they were in – cos 'we're 'ard'.

So here's the gold medals, a number of images all of the same bird to illustrate what a difference the light makes... it was constantly changing and a bit closer as I did 'trapper' impressions.

is it just me or is 'blogger' interface a bag of spanners now?

Crackin bird tho!


Martin Jump said...

Great images here Geoff,you can certainly see the differance with the light.The last images is impressive.Keep up the good work. mj

Paul Foster said...

Some good images there Geoff,little owls are always a pleasure to get near to and as you found can be quite accomodating,nice work!!!

Christian said...

Lovely little fella Geoff - not seen a Little Owl for a long time.

Are you still getting those squares instead of letters on your blog interface?