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New at this and finding my way around. Any help appreciated!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters? It wont be long before these birds have disappeared so making the most of it... again photos from about one week ago.


Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. These wonderful barn owls are keeping you busy with the camera.....again great results. Enjoy them whilst you can and hope to see you again soon.

Martin Jump said...

Geoff. Another great set of images,keep up the good work see you soon. M

Christian said...

Geoff, I just love that one against the dark background - it really makes the beautiful creature stand out. Very sharp. An excellent post, and I enjoyed it.

I've had a go at a Barn Owl myself. It would be lovely if you wouldn't mind running your rule over them at my blog.



Geoff Gradwell said...

Hi Christian
WELCOME and thanks for looking in. I have the same lense... only for the last six months. I like your barn owls... a difficult subject well done. We all start somewhere and I am a newbie at this too. I'm learning all the time thanks to all the friendly and helpful folk.

For all – I changed my web browser and have had trouble posting comments so apologies if it appears I ignored you – spitting feathers (so to speak) here!