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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Meanwhile over at the Commoners

A flavour of what's happening I hope... a lot of protection, what I have called 'formation flying', incubation and of course fishing. The 'formation flying' is a new one on me. I am not even sure it is 'a pair', although it frequently involves two birds, but sometimes a third or fourth joins in. They also seem to fly in 'circles' and are going as high as I have ever seen them, nearly out of sight, over the docks. There doesn't seem to be any aggresion to speak of (they're always stroppy) and no passing of fish or anything like that. Just seems to be good fun. I'm sure a qualified ornithologist will know precisely what it is. Probably 'pair bonding'.

For no reason at all, the local Coots suddenly get 'what for'!

'Formation flying'

Sometimes close to the water

More often at considerable height

A 'nest'; as I write it wouldn't surprise me if these have hatched now as they have been incubated for about twelve days at least

Not the best photo, but don't fret, they return pretty quickly and it seems to get pretty hot on the pontoons

Meanwhile half 'the fleet' are off fishing, pretty succesfully too

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