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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cabin fever... road runners

I have not been out and about for sometime, suffering cabin fever I called in at Newton Marsh but it was very quiet, not unexpected. It was early evening so I decided to run on down to Fairhaven Dunes, just as well I didn't think about it... so many kids and dog walkers. Two male Linnet and four overhead. I've seen a Whitethroat down there regularly in the last few years and I nearly stood on one! Anyway it flew up into a hawthorn bush and posed for me while I rattled off some photos... complete with food for the young. I didn't hang about too long.

Incredibly I didn't know where the north car park is at St Annes by the lifeguard station even though I must have driven past a thousand times, so I thought I'd recce the location for future reference. Now I don't know about you but looking straight out to sea, I would expect to see Ireland, if I could see that far... I mean it is called the Irish Sea, not the Welsh Sea, so what Anglesey is doing in view, I have no idea. Weird!

I called in at Clifton Marsh on the way home. Not much happening, except 14 runners on the road. As I sat and watched they came towards me and I managed a couple of photos, before they heard the shutter sound on the camera and turned tail and ran off in the opposite direction. 12 young Grey Partridge with 2 adults. Again, I've been 'following' Grey Partridge down there for the last thre years or so, clearly 12 young has been a good year, I hope they all make it.

An unexpected surprise was a Corn Bunting that showed up looking a little bedraggled and the worse for wear and sang a song before flying on. About two weeks ago, I caught one nearby washing in a puddle while a mate watched on. I haven't posted that photo yet, wasn't that great!

I was surprised to see two Common Terns, obviously from Preston Docks, 'fishing' over the marsh. It was getting late but grabbed a quick snap as one of them hovered looking for fish.

Whitethroat with spider

Looking out over the IRISH Sea.... Wales, or Anglesey to be more precise... from St Annes!
You can just see the Menai Striaght on the left.. que pasa?

Road Runners

9 juvenile Grey Partridge from 12 plus two adults

Singing Corn Bunting looking  a bit the worse for wear

Corn Bunting

Common Tern 'fishing'


Martin Jump said...

Brilliant Geoff. I't looks like you could reach out and touch that Whitethroat.Lovely group photo of the young Partridge WELL DONE AGAIN.

Christian said...

Top-notch whitethroat images Geoff, a great set of photographed enhanced by the prescence of the spider!

Geoff Gradwell said...

Thanks to you both and to all for your kind comments. I hope there is sufficient interest in my nonsense. Apologies if I don't always reply to your comments which are read, particularly at the moment Firefox wont let me post comments and other stuff, so have to refer to another browser... then I forget... one day becomes two...

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Another great selection of images from your lens. Agree with Martin and Christian your whitethroat shots are brilliant. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you around sometime.