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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Purple Patch

Another repeat performance, but I hope worthy of posting. I've lost track myself I've been out so many times both early and late... is it Thursday? It also occurred to me that if someone had said to me anytime in the last two years I would be taking photos such as these, I'd have thought them nuts. What wonderful subjects, so close to home and all within 10 minutes of Preston City Centre. We mark able! So a big THANKS to everyone for their support, advice, guidance, help and continued support. Hope to catch up personally soon.

Juvenile Peregrine

Juvenile Peregrine

Male Peregrine

Male Peregrine (note remnants of a kill in the talons)

Evening light, on landing approach

I've been spending any spare time out at the three locations at all hours subject to conditions, Peregerine, Barn Owl, Common Terns, I haven't had time to post and keep this up-to-date, these being a week old, but finally in the right place at the right time... and there's more to follow, I think!


Martin Jump said...

Brilliant Geoff. It just gets better,who would have thought 5 y'rs ago these wonderful birds could be seen within 10 min's of Preston City Center ENJOY.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. You really are coming up with the goods !!!.... Brilliant images... The peregrine images are outstanding and you must have suuffered neck ache after that session....very well done.