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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bad Day but interesting Pegs

I had to attend nearby and it seemed a shame not to call at you know where. As soon as I parked the car I heard the calling 'of the wild'. Only problem, as you can see, the light was awful. Nevertheless I hope these images tell a story and provide some interest... learning to fly and land! Once again the unnatural effect is entirely due to the natural light at the time... untouched.

Juvenile, much biigger than Dad

Dad off on a sortie, watched by Mum

Juvenile on approach to landing

'... it looked easy enough!'

the smooth side of the steeple not the obvious or best choice!

another landing attempt

and another... note Dad is already on the ledge, on his back, talons gaping

Dad gives in and is displaced

Junior attempts another landing, watched from above

and finally finds a perch

You'll be pleased to know, I thinnk I have some better images to follow, but not quite as good a story.

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