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Friday, 24 June 2011

European Eagle Owl – Newton Marsh

Now that's got your attention and not something you hear every day. I nearly crashed the car!

Before you rush off for your pager and Bird Alert (I've had to add this due to the way these blogs are abbreviated across the web etc), obviously the last two images give the game away, if you hadn't already guessed before but it still came as a shock, I mean it isn't every day you visit Newton Marsh and see such a magnificent creature. I am sure everyone has their own views on this but local conservationist Shane had his ward, 'Oscar' out for the very first time and purely by chance I was there to record the moment. Of course these birds are highly controversial and raise the blood pressure of many. I'm afraid, today I am happy to admire these magnificent birds and leave the politics to everyone else.

Shane was a delight and allowed me close to take these photographs and we spent some time discussing the ins and outs and his educational and conservation work. Nice work if you can get it! Obviously these birds are bred in captivity require licence and full documentation etc. 

Anyway, I thought it might brighten your mid summer slumbers.

I have a number of posts to catch up on... 'but I may be gone for some time'. I've been catching up with the local Peregrines and Terns of late, so more to follow I'm afraid.

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Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. You gave me palpitations with your headlines !! What a fabulous bird to come across at Newton Marsh and you certainly made the most of your encounter. Superb images..well done