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Friday, 17 June 2011

One of those weeks or a Pantomime?

Yes folks it is the middle of June and if you've found the sunshine let me know (or Katrina and the Waves... that's 28 years old I hear! STREWTH!). Not quite there with these photos but interesting perhaps and a bit of a Pantomine...
Juvenile Shelduck


Snap... another Redshank

Coot, finally throwing out the kids

Male Shoveler

Hilda Ogden or Oystercatchers

He's behind you...

'Sleepless in Newton', so why not make the most of it... the juvenile Shelduck is just a big kid growing up, the Redshank are being busy in whatever they do, the Coot are getting stroppy again, the Shoveler I Iove because of their fidelity, shyness and the gentle way they go about their own business annoying no-one, the Oystercatchers was nearly 'the three ducks on the wall' and the Whitethroat a gentle reminder... keep your eyes open... sometimes, just like the Pantomome Dame, they are behind you.  (Meg Ryan didn't turn up, but she's a nutter too, we would get on well together... not!... although I have been up the Empire State building... then again, at that time I was Archibald Alexander Leach... film fans will know what I'm on about! Otherwise, don't woryy about it.).

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