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Friday, 10 February 2012

Short Eared Owl... rubbish images

I don't know why I'm posting this really, merely a record of what's out there. Most locals know where it is and sadly too much traffic, dog walkers and disturbance for any daylight showing, which means these rubbish images were taken with no light left... just a record. Quite a few hours spent seeing nothing but of course delighted to watch this magnificent bird in flight and hunting.

31 January over at height after the sun had set
demonstrating how far away it really was
if only there had been sufficient light.... 7 February

compilation that captured the essence
I was spoilt back on 3 January 2010 Over Wyre when I fell upon a Short Eared Owl and I anticipate it will take me many years to surpass that encounter, see this page. Thanks for calling in and to those of you who comment, I don't always reply but I do welcome any input and feedback.


Martin Jump said...

Great sightings Geoff and so close to home pity about the light,but some lovely composition with the Owl coming in to land. ONE DAY.Hope to see you soon.

Christian said...

Hi Geoff!

You might find this strange but, from your shots I know exactly where this is! The tree landing and the background 'h' of wood, are tell-tale signs of where I've just been but 1 hour ago. I got no sightings tonight though. I went on 5th and got some shots that I'm chuffed with. I'll be posting some perched ones tomorrow and I bet you'll recognise the perch, if you fancy a look!

Like Martin said, some lovelt compositions there mate.

We'll keep trying for the light eh?

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. A great pity about the light but I am sure you will be back to try again. Like the compilation .

Geoff Gradwell said...

Hi Christian

I think you may have been there one night I was also skulking about (in the car)... yep I did question whether to post certain images as it does give the game away if you know it, but Stuart at Fylde Bird Club had beaten me to it and I thinnk he gets more traffic than I do! You may recognise the header image too, as you also know where that is (I just haven't included the post yet)... I was there a few days before you as I pass regularly too. Glad you've joined the bloggers and look forward to seeing your endeavours.

Brian, thanks for looking in regularly and thanks for your comments, no doubt we'll be seeing each other with more daylight. Enjoy your blog.

Martin, again thanks for looking in and comments and all your help and kindness. Thos Blue Tit images and latest Brird Guide stuff is showing a crfatsman at work.

Best W to all (and those that don't necessarily comment)

Christian said...

We're so predictable aren't we Geoff! i wouldn't worry about giving the game away regarding the SEOs, I only knew from your shots because it is a very regular visit for me. It would be nice to bump into you (not literally, as you said), sometime.

Looking forward to your Barn Owl posts.