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Monday, 22 April 2013

they've all landed

The previous posts were leading up to this I guess. All the migrants have suddenly landed on my patch. Initially the Chifchaffs, Blackcaps and Goldcrests have been around for a week or two while the Willow Warblers have finally landed. 

Those of a less robust constituition and do not want to see nature in the raw may prefer to leave the room now.

The first brood of Mallards appeared and I would think on what was their first swim. Seven young with mum, but it seems two became separated more or less straight away and were hanging around with five juvenile males. A Grey Heron didn't need a second invitation. While a bit distant these record shots illustrate nature in all it's detail. Then there were six.

I came across four Willow Warblers in the morning and four in the afternoon. Plus possible others as they were fairly mobile. They are seen on exactly the same stretch of habitat and walk I do regularly but only one male chiffchaff is singing. The light is always against me and the scrub quite dense so 'picking' them out can be problematic. Again not necessarily all the same bird and one appears to have a mite investation or a problem with its lower leg/ankle/feet.

Anyhoo... the Willow Warblers have landed and this fine male Blackcap was singing and when I returned a little later, he had company with a female Blackcap in the same location... the very same location I had seen them at last year.

A singing male Blackcap, where do they get their names?

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Martin Jump said...

You don't do things in halves Geoff,four blogs in one day with some great images and the cruelties of life in the natural world well done.Hope to see you soon mj.