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Monday, 22 April 2013

Some bits n bobs

I managed a couple of hours off my local patch and was delighted to see a pair of Dippers and this Grey Wagtail. 

I think I said in an earlier email, there were four Bullfinch visiting the garden and just a record shot through the window with an old camera to record three feeding together. The male at the top appears to be the dominant male and has a brighter red chest, whereas the male at the bottom is more 'pink'. Normally they come in pairs and I'm surprised they tolerate this other male, while no evidence does make me wonder if it is their offspring, although he does get seen off if gets too cocky or close!

Just recently I have seen the male Bullfinch appearing more on their own, which may be a good sign... only time will tell.

Back on my patch I was surprised to see two Redwing in mid-April, high in the canopy, I guess on their way home.

And just glad the Tornado is on our side... and as long as he doesn't have any accidents with those things strapped under the wings near my house, always glad to see them.

1 comment:

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Very nice selection of bits and bobs....I particularly like the dipper shots. Not bumped into you for a while !! No doubt see you at the terns very soon. Take care.