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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Black and white and shades of grey

Some images from out  'n about. Sanderling, wonderful litle birds at Rossall, a Grey Plover along with a flagged Turnstone (look forward to seeing the results) and an all-alone Black-tailed Godwit from Newton March where the water has been too high in the roadside pools for much to be seen.

There were two Canada Geese (not shown) on the marine lake and I did wonder, but no doubt locals – if not do let me know.

The Sanderling made me smile as they stood on one leg and turned like a weather vane into the prevailing and severely, bitterly cold easterly wind. The Grey Plover was a nice surprise before some mutt decided to take a dislike to me and harassed me around the beach having sent everything skyward of course. It wouldn't come quite close enough to get a monopod stuck where the sun doesn't shine. Of course it isn't the dogs fault but the owners. I had word.

Why Councils bother with 'keep your dogs on a lead' signs I have absolutley no idea... more waste of public funds (without enforcement). Which reminds me... 

(last image)... one from my archives (professionally I am something of an expert on signing [somebody has to do it, well when they don't is when it goes pear-shaped] ... Royal Mail and Manchester Airport were all my fault... mind you we reduced complaints at Ringway by 60% in the first few months with new signing).


Grey Plover, one of three
other photos confirmed it as 'BD'

which I could scratch my back...

5 species in one photo, I'll let you name them

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Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Pretty sure your bat on the FBC Flickr site is a Noctule. GHB is only found SW of a line between Conwy and the east coast of Kent http://data.nbn.org.uk/imt/?mode=SPECIES&species=NHMSYS0000080176
Used to be loads of Noctules along the Ribble esp near the Continental Pub under the Railway bridge