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Friday, 6 April 2012

Another study in Grey

I think it was 28 March 2011 when I saw my local Grey Wagtails and it appears to be thereabouts when they turned up this year, although sightings have been limited so far this year.

I managed to creep up on this female Grey Wagtail and spent some 25 minutes or so watching it feeding on gnats and anything flying within range. There was something not quite right and I couldn't figure it out, but realised this Grey Wagtail was not walking and running as they do, but lowered itself onto it's belly each and every time it landed.

I always enjoy getting close to these Grey Wagtail and do hope they will be making regular appearances again – I'll be watching out for them.

all but for a blade of grass

As you can see from these later images this individual has growths on its legs/feet and while it was flying and feeding well enough, clearly walking and running was a difficulty... I hope it survives and improves; the big question is will the male be prepared to put up with her and mate or will a new female be introduced to the fold – only time will tell.


Martin Jump said...

Stunning images Geoff,lets hope everthing turns out alright for this beautiful little bird. mj.

Pete Woodruff said...

Never seen anything quite like this on a bird before Geoff.... unfortunate creature.

Brian Rafferty said...

Great series of this lovely grey wagtail...we all hope she survives.