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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another 'bitty' post

Too much happening to write posts!

Over on the esplanade at Preesall I often come across Wrens in the sea defence wall. Back at Newton Marsh, early one morning, Lapwings were not allowing the Godwits any peace and frequently chasing them off their territory. A dodgy image of a Black-tailed Godwit, for just that, id purposes, showing off it's black tail. I caught a Moorhen dispute, sadly the sun was not up, that's how early it was; while a male Teal walked serenely past when the sun did finally rise. An image of a male Wigeon as most of them have now departed. I found myself at Lower Bentham where I spotted a pair of Grey Wagtails and a Dipper flying low along the river. Up on the top a number of Meadow Pipits were passing through, otherwise strangely quiet, except somewhere 'over the tops' I came upon a large flock of Fieldfare, but sadly they were spooked by passing traffic and disappeared from their feeding into some nearby trees making a racket and it wasn't possible to stop and park.

The local Blue Tits have decided to use the nest box again this year, sadly they left 14 young in it last year... I fear their demise relating to the loss of the parents, which I think was probably the local cats; the Blue Tits coming and going drawing attention to themselves, although there may be another reason, I will be waiting to see this year.

While skulking for the local Grey Wagtails this Brown Rat showed itself in broad daylight... not impressed. Brown Rats carry the nasty Weils disease ... so always wash your hands etc when you've been out and about (I never do!!). 'Weils' can be deadly I think, certainly doesn't do you any good.

While looking for Goldcrests, the Coal Tits were feeding o the pine cones; I came across an early Comma, and again while looking for the Grey Wagtails had time watching Moorhens... so easily overlooked and I was glad I spent some time watching them. I think they are now on nest (but again rarely I have seen them with any young, mink and rats I fear)... but have you seen the size of those feet, you know what they say about big feet? A pic of a Sparrowhawk to illustrate just how high they appear and ride the thermals hereabouts (almost out of sight).. what do they see at that height? Answers on a postcard please.

I have five blackbird nests around the garden and not one has been successful – magpies! yet again the blackbirds decided to nest in a flowering blackcurrant bush in the front garden and their coming and going attracted the attention of a magpie – I wonder if it is a deliberate 'dupe nest'. (The photos taken from the car, parked on the drive as usual, on a bad light day). On the way back from Knott End a Hare trying to hide in grass too short and a pair of Collared Doves because I ignore them – and I was watching a programme about 'Attenborough does Africa' or something and at a water hole in the Kalahari were... correct, Collared Doves. 

And, in case you were left wondering, as Julie Roberts said to Hugh Grant in 'Notting Hill'... big feet: big shoes.

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Martin Jump said...

Good account of all your comimgs and goings backed up with all the images Geoff,just goes to show how much we rely on the light to capture are images.regards mj.