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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Something has sprung!

How soon we forget – not that long ago EVERY day was dark, dreary, miserable and overcast and light levels so low, photography wasn't an option. Now it is wall to wall sunshine and there aren't enough hours in the day.

So here are some images from out and about and briefly, a coal tit from the garden; Martin popped around and a quick walk locally revealed a Bullfinch (no photo) and SPOOKILY no sooner had I finished the sentence 'I have only ever seen one Golcrest hereabouts over many years, I don't think there are any', than two minutes later, flitting about in the hedgerow was a Goldcrest. I could only manage a record image, so you know I'm not making it up. Spooky indeed! Two sightings in twenty odd years (but that's probably my lack of ability than there not being any). 

Godwits at Newton Marsh, a male in summer plumage with an immature male of the Icelandic variety I believe; Lapwing, Shoveler, a male Teal, some Wigeon action and on another visit no sooner than I was mentally bemoaning how quiet it was when I found this Merlin. Smashing.

Boinnngggg! (or was that just Zabadee passing?)

Coal Tit in the garden 
Goldcrest – spooky
Black-Tailed Godwit, Icelandic, male and juvenile male
Lapwing – becoming territorial
female Shoveler
male Shoveler
male Teal
Wigeon fly by
spooked Wigeon, harrassed by Coot and Lapwing
Wigeon, retreat to water
male Wigeon
female Wigeon
the Wizard of Newton Marsh – Merlin

Strewth, it's nearly the end of March and I have only posted 4 posts, hmmnnnn – too busy birding!


Martin Jump said...

Patience is a virtue Geoff,and yours has certainly paid off with these images.It's a very busy time and working out were to be at the right time isn't easy,hope to see you soon regards mj.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Looks like you have been busy down at Newton Marsh. Great selection of images but the Merlin is definitely your star bird. Two cracking images. I have never been this close to a merlin yet !!

Christian said...

Geoff, I've been waiting for you to post these excellent Merlin images ever since I saw them on the Fylde Bird Club Flickr photostream. Amazing to get so close and these are awesome shots of an incredible bird. Congrats, my friend.

Paul Foster said...

Spot on report from your travels Geoff,seems like you had a busy day,but like they say`no pain no gain`.Absolutely stonking images of the Merlin,seems to be my bogey bird at the minute............