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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More like it

(two posts in ONE day!)

My trip to Knott End on a high tide turned out to be almost a complete waste of time; I saw virtually nowt – a Red Breasted Merganser going east but too far out to photograph. As a consequence I popped down to the ferry to see if the Black Redstart was about or anything was in the estuary – fat chance! However my knowledge of Gulls is non-existent and my foray only demonstrates my complete ignorance. I think somebody had perhaps been 'chip throwing', either way a few Gulls were in front of the car park so I thought I might take some reference photos that may come in useful in years to come (are you sure?).  I also saw it as an opportunity to practice flight photography – again a complete waste of time (much to learn), out of about 50 images I think these three are the only ones in focus; they do nevertheless demonstrate the variation in plumage in the various ages.

So desperate was I that I decided to call in further down the coast; I wont say exactly where due to the time of year and the sensitivity of a schedule 1 bird – the Barn Owl. (Send me a private message if you wish and I'll let you know). It did however take me completely by surprise. You can't have too many photos of Barn Owls so here are a few more. Not great as the light was failing (any excuse... but you know the score by now).

Back on my own patch, if you have viewed this blog in the past, you will know I have a penchant for flying things (for some reason I don't understand either!)... The sun 'in the wrong place' allowed me the archetypal image of the resident Mute Swan – so here are two. And having spotted a male Orange Tip frist on 4 April I managed to capture this image in a favoured spot I frequent; the local Mallards had nine young, freshly out of the nest (no photo)


Martin Jump said...

Great images of the Barn Owl,Swan, and my fav the Orange Tip Geoff,keep em comimg.mj.

Christian said...

Hi Geoff

I'm completely ignorant when it comes to gull species. I was in the I.O.M recently and it kindled my desire to learn more about coastal species, so I'd like to take a trip up to Knott End in the near future.

Lovely to see the Barn Owl out so early (5:30pm) and great that it's hunting for its young, by the looks of things.

Lovely swan images.

Phil said...

As you say GG KE is a good spot for practicing gulls in flight, I've got many not very good pictures. Nice pics of the Barn Owl.