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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rolf Harris – 'can you tell what it is yet?'

it wont take you long and the third image gives it away.

(as always double clicking provides larger images as a slideshow)

It was rewarding that this Wheatear was happy to sit preening itself – at least you know you are not disturbing the bird's normal activities.

I do like Wheatears and I guess only got 'to know' them in recent years – I don't think they are daft but they do tend to be confiding birds that allow you fairly close, if you tread carefully and don't harass them in any way, especially the younger Wheatears. I think it must be a bit like Robins, they like to follow the 'forager' be it in animal or human form. I have to thank Martin Jump for these images as it was Martin who found the Wheatear on our local patch and took the time to come around and tell me about it – so I managed to find an hour and popped out for these images (and to watch this confiding individual). Must have been on passage and decided to stop briefly to feed on this manure heap's insects but sadly wasn't there the following day. We have actually been looking for Yellowhammers on this patch but although fleeting glimpses, we have yet to come to grips with them locally. We persevere. 

Thanks Martin.

I've added this video but I fear there is quite a loss in quality...


Martin Jump said...

Glad you had time to meet up with the wheatear and managed to capture these great images.I'ts nice to get so close to these confiding birds and spend time with them in a quite spot well done. mj.

Christian said...

Superb Wheatear images Geoff. Impressive stuff mate.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Bonny bird...great images..time well spent...well done.