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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Message for Bloggers and my reader – there is a limit

Dear Reader
You may have seen my comments regarding a number of problems I have had recently adding to this site. As you will know, I am no 'techie'. The reality has now dawned and been confirmed. Apparently Blogger is owned by Google. I have heard of Picassa but never bothered with it, only when you start a blog, such as this Google create a Picassa site for you where all your images are stored. I didn't know this. I also didn't know that this Picassa site has a limit of 1gb for images. Therefore once you hit your 1gb limit, you can add no more or have to purchase more space. Or, I am hoping, delete some older images thereby releasing some space but this will be limited. Therefore I am intending to try and remove some older existing images so I can continue adding new images to this blog. However this explains my previous issues and difficulties. It may also be an issue for some of you out there too, so thought I'd explain here, now.

Unfortunately what it does, is defeat one of my objectives for running this blog and that was entirely personal and selfish, in that I was hoping it would allow me to 'store and retrieve' memories.... certain days when I was in certain places and birds and images from days gone by. My memory being what it is (or not as the case may be), I thought this blog might assist. It transpires that is not necessarily the case and entirely my own fault. I will need to find a more appropriate medium to achieve those objectives. I hope to contine with the blog but older posts and images may disappear. It also means I will have to be more selective in the images I do post. Either that or put my hand in my pocket, but I have short arms! Hurrruummmpppphhhh.

Ta ta

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