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Saturday, 14 May 2011

E bah gum Dipper

A long story not worth recountering found me over the border in Yorkshire on a popular stretch of the River Wharfe where my hopes were fulfilled with the appearance of a Dipper, unfortunately not quite in range. My Ray Mears impressions found me tucked into the bank, even I couldn't find myself and once again the sound of the shutter saw the Dipper disappear just as it came into range. Nevermind I spent some time watching it with great pleasure and as you know it spends more time under the water than above... it was fascinating watching... I could add lots of images of it's back and under water but I don't think it will add a great deal and I hope these images capture the spirit and movement of the Dipper.

There's were a few other items of note which I hope will be of interest and I'll post those separately later.

Dipper nearly under water

And very briefly out

Before further submersion

On the move

A quick check 

To finally emerge
My first Swifts of the year, as many as 12 in one group (that is the sky in the background – the best it got!)

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