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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Whoops correction – All Banded Blue

If you have read this already you will understand, if you haven't you wont! I had my doubts but mistook 'green wings' for bronze and thought perhaps these were Beautiful demoiselle – they are not, they are female Banded Blue. Still stonking just a mis-identification. Whoops Betty (showing my age).

APOLOGIES but it transpires 'maintenance is/was in progress' and this posting has gone all over the place – enjoy the photos if you can.
Banded demoiselle (female)

Banded Demoiselle (female)
Focus on the front end
Reminds me of the cult film 'Predator'

.... only a few days earlier on this blog I stated I hoped to 'capture' the Banded Blue this year having seen two blowing by on the wind, and then there it was... after a bit of a dance I managed a few photos (about 300... out of focus, you know the script).

Banded Blue (male)

Banded Blue (male)


The Context

Azure Blue Damselfly
Included as taken because I like the composition

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