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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Common Terns, Preston Docks

Not a lot to say, so enjoy the images (that enlarge if you click on them, but you have to use the return button to get back to the blog and remaining image... I didn't design the programme!)

Aerobatics, if I knew how to spell it!

Graceful flight (over water!)

There's a lot of noise

A quick swim and brush up, don't think this was fishing

Large wingspan

Attractive upper wings

Courtship behaviour

Dark wingtips

Streamlined, red beaks

Impressive exchange

Full throttle, wing expanse and tail open


Under wing detail, dark wing tips

For size comparison againts a juvenile gull (lesser black backed?) with a gammy right foot, which was being dived upon


Pete Woodruff said...

Some excellent Common Tern shots here Geoff, my favourite being your 'impressive exchange' which has flown off....probably to end up on another blog sometime!

Geoff Gradwell said...

Thanks Pete, I hope 'better' ones will follow. The 'exchange' sadly was just too far away... we keep trying. I'll make it 'up north' again one day!