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Friday, 1 April 2011

Two Long tails

There isn't a great deal to add although having spent some time with a lonesome male Grey Wagtail who kept calling I was fortunate enough to see him with his missus whereupon she threw her tail straight up and showed her rear end but I wasn't sure if this was 'I have a headache' or 'hello handsome', either way they the two of them went off their own way to feed. Maybe he said the wrong thing! And meanwhile I think I may have discovered a pair of nesting Long-Tailed Tits... not hopefull as the area they have set up home in is swamped by domestic cats. Despte all previous attempts probably my best images of these little gems.

If anyone KNOWS what is going on in this sequence I would be pleased to hear from you. Clearly she is displaying but is it a 'come on' or 'hello and don't even dare to think about it!' No mating took place. Maybe HE had a headache?


Pete Woodruff said...

A quite amazing set of photographs of the two Grey Wagtails with the female clearly offering herself in the display to the male. Absolutely no point in anyone trying to work out 'what went wrong with the affair' is there Geoff.

Geoff Gradwell said...

Cheers Pete, while I hear what you are saying, Not knowing anything about Grey Wagtail behaviour, I wasn't sure if it was a general greeting or bonding, i.e 'hello dear I'm back' or if indeed she was offering herself for mating, especially as none took place, because she was far from submissive and was either playing hard to get or it was something else. OK, mating behaviour... I'll be spending hours with them so myabe learn more. Cheers.