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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Berttie Bassett's All Sorts

A selection of images from the last week or so, the wind has got up and most of the blossom has been blown away, a few butterflies from my patch and on three separate days I had a female mallard with 7, 11 and 14 young respctively, only a day or so old. I have a blackbird nesting in the back garden and one under my bedroom window, they have tried in the past unsuccessfullty with the number of 'domestic' cats and magpies hereabouts. I think the cats will be the greatest threat this year. (Last year the nestbox was left with 14 Blue Tit fledglings dead after the parents failed to continue feeding and I can only assume the parents were no longer alive). New birds have tried this year.... early days.
Cherry blossom – now all too soon blown away

Speckled Wood

Male Orange Tip

Male Orange Tip

Ma Mallard



The Family bar dad! 
Another aaahhh

Speckled Wood

Bee on Lion's teeth flower

Female Blackbird sitting tight, in the back garden

Rodaside Bluebells – Ours or Spanish, I don't know

Male Reed Bunitng – Carr House Green Common

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