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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunny Sundays!

Weekends are not my favourite days of the week for getting out and about but sometimes you just have to make journeys. I thought you, dear reader might like to see the beach at Knott End on a sunny Sunday. While on the way home I clocked these three hares, two were passing through and I'm guessing a male following a female while the one at the back ('said everone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz') captured my attention. Just as well, a Buzzard appeared out of the hedgerow and flew some twenty yards away from the hare upon a kill  (I don't do metric). Regular readers will have seen my earlier posts about Buzzard and Hare and here again I was witnessing the same scene as the hare ran towards the Buzzard – better the devil you know I assume. Meanwhile back at Newton Marsh I counted 52 Shelduck attracted by the farmer planting his crops and my friendly Buzzard that I have been following for some time was on scene and once again appeared to be feeding on frogs/toads. The last image isn't going to win any photographic prizes does appear to show a frog in its right talon.

Knott End beach, Fleetwood in the distance. I'm saying nowt!

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