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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Two shades of grey

A few photos from out and about. As you will see for every decent photo, there are an awful lot that aren't so good. These are primarily a record of what I've forgotten. A brief walk at the Ribble Link/Savick Park turned up a Grey Wagtail. Early morning at Newton Marsh, before the wagons arrived, despite the whole country being bathed in sunlight, it was cloudy, overcast and very low light levels (and I certainly hadn't compensated accordingly) produced five Grey Partridge, a pair that decided some grit would help their digestion along with a brief dust bath, a male Reed Bunting, the usual Mute Swans, Coot, Moorhen, Mallard, a few Teal, Shelduck, about 200 Wigeon, a number of Redshank fighting and running around like demented clock-work orange legs, a dozen or so Lapwing doing their aerial display and chasing off the opponents, 4 Canada Geese, two pairs which I think are probably visitors from Fairhaven who show up on the marsh at this time of year but breed elsewhere. A single Curlew flew in. One or two pair of Oystercatchers. A male Wigeon had lost his mate and was whistling across the marsh, whereupon finding each other again they decided to consumate their relationship. No smoking but a round of applause! And finally the sun came out again and I caught the Great Spotted Woodpecker sneaking around the tree as usual.

There are always a number of Gulls down there, at least one pair of Herring Gulls, along with Lesser Black Backed and a Greater Black Backed Gull with the usual flock of Black-Headed Gulls (depends on the tide times), along with a flock of Starling. Out in the middle there may be others, but beyond my sight capabilities.

Grey Wagtail
Grey Partridge (male)
Grey Partridge, male and female – a quick dust bath
Canada Geese (a pair)
Two headed Wigeon
Well I'm happy

So am I

Lapwing defending their territory

Spooked from their feeding ground

The sun came out again! Female Great Spotted Woodpecker

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