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Monday, 21 June 2010

One Good Tern...

I wanted to check in and see if it was the same chap as last year... it certainly looks like it, he's wearing the same ankle jewelry. The Mrs is the one without.
I had run out of DVD's to burn, so a run down to the Docks, checking on the progress of the Common Terns, especially after last year, one of the birds (an old friend) is ringed and has returned from 2009 (must be lost or mad). Has three youngsters this year. Again. I did wonder if any of the others that have terned up this year are related?

How can you tell the difference between the sexes? Well she seem to be staying at home looking after the kids and he is doing all the fishing! (hey don't blame me, that's the way it is! See the pics below — it was just the same last year. Oh and yes he takes his tern at looking after the kids too).

Despite being called 'Common' there are only about 15,000 pairs in the UK and they migrate every year from west Africa, arriving in the UK in April before departing in September(ish).

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