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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Common Tern Family

Down at the Docks again I thought I'd check on 'the family'

That includes the extended family as a number of Common Terns now appear to have nests, difficult to see if they have eggs. However the pair from last year have three youngsters at various stages, with the youngest still left in the 'tyre nest', two juveniles out and about stretching their wings and flying a yard or two. Indeed as it is now a few days since I was there, they may be on their maiden flight. Interestingly Dad brought home a fish which was taken but not eaten. The Cormorant and usual suspects, Gulls, Mallard, Coot etc are still about.

I've included the image of the bird preening to illustrate how relaxed they appear to be, reassuring to know one isn't disturbing them.

I understand the juveniles have been ringed and it is probably 'the boys from the Fylde Bird Club'.

In just eight days they appear to have gone from 'bundles of fluff' to sub adults. By the time I re tern, they will probably have gone!

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