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Monday, 21 June 2010

Going... going... gone!

Gives me indigestion just looking at these!
(not that I need to look at anything to get indigestion)

While Tern watching — I reckon that eel must be pushing 2lb (in old money). See photos
I knew Cormorants ate fish... but eels do seem to be on the menu locally, not the first example I have seen. Looking at the length of the eel and the size of the cormorant in this pictures— where did it all go? But worst of all, if you ever tried despatching an eel — takes some doing, especially as they survive in air — yet this cormorant is feeding on this 'live'... imagine that rolling about in your stomach while slowing extinguishing life! Perhaps an autopsy and cormorant bile can be used to kill 'all known germs'!

Stocks of Anguilla Anguilla (eels to you and me) are plummeting and down over 75% in the last 40 years, while baby eels have dropped more than 95% since 1980. Eels in the River Thames (the ol cockney — 'jellied eels mate?') and down 98% and in 2009 only 50 were caught in the River Thames.

Did you know the eels is thought to migrate to the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean, around Bermuda to breed? That's quite a trip.

The eels is now on the Endangered Species list and Britain has implemented a voluntary export ban.
Meanwhile in France, they export 14.5 tonnes of baby eels, that's about 60 million a year.
Now there's a surprise!
C'est la France!

And gone!

For the more observant of you —

wonder why the Cormorant was going around in circles?
BANDITS at 11 o' clock!

Klaxon sounds...

Common Terns were attacking ANYTHING that came within 50 yards (funnily enough, not people, unless you get too close I guess) including this cormorant. They don't like dogs!

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