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Monday, 26 November 2012

I think I'd rather be in West Africa...

How soon we forget. I was attempting to do some archiving, funny how you always get distracted. I think I was well distracted earlier in the year and have many images I have not posted... so here are a few of them for now.

Along with the Common Terns at Preston Dock, Lee Harrison came across at least one, possibly more Arctic Tern on a couple of occasions (Hi Lee, hope all's well there) generally late evening. The one night he wasn't there and I managed a record photo of one, splitting them out from the Commons is not easy....especially when it is nearly dark!

Some images of the Common Terns and the eclectic catch both fresh and sea water fishes on the diet – clearly the Common Terns are not fussy. One of the juveniles getting airborne and the Gulls, despite their size don't get much of a look-in when the Common Terns are around.

And completely off-subject for a change, I meant to include a few weeks ago but didn't, Tom doing his thing.

Arctic Tern, nearly dark (when taken, not the bird)

Arctic Tern, lightened image

for no apparent reason they all lift off at once and do a circuit or two, a few of them, frame too small 

Tom Finney and the famous 'splash' image, now a statue outside Preston North End... nobody remembers the photographer!

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