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Friday, 7 January 2011

A Day Out Part 3 (Bradshaw Lane, Swans and Geese)

Sorry about this, it's just the number of images is too much for one posting really and further illustration of the diversity of birding on the Fylde!

Of course because it was now late afternoon the sun was setting below the cloud cover and below the horizon, which again meant insufficient light for photography but over at Bradshaw Lane there were 5 Red-Legged Partridge (which I tend to consider as introduced cannon fodder), Tree Sparrow along with Robin, Blackbird, Chaffinch etc... but also 3 Yellowhammers. Another British Bird that always 'inspires' me... maybe it is the brightness of the yellow that somehow reminds me of something that should be 'exotic'... either way I do like to see Yellowhammers.

As you can see 6 Whooper Swans flew by as rain began falling, black as towards the Pennines, complete with Rainbow while the fields were 'swamped' with Pink-Footed Geese, best part of 2,000 I reckoned. I didn't have the opportunity to work through them to se if there was anything hiding there (Red-breasted for instance).

All lousy images, but captures the 'end of the day', including an image for my antipodean chums – the sun setting over Blackpool.

So from Marsh Harrier, Shoveler, Teal, Wigeon, Red-Necked Grebe and Pintail at Lytham to Brambling, Twite, Yellowhammer, Pink-Footed, Bewick and Whoopers my friends the Turnstones, not to mention Bar-Tailed Godwit at Knott End and all the 'usuals' (I don't do lists, maybe I should start), all in all it had been quite a day and illustrated the diversity on offer around the Fylde. Shush... don't tell anyone!

But I still have to go back to the car doctor!

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Pete Woodruff said...

We - JB/BT/PW - were in this area around mid-day and may has passed you. I keep looking in on your blog.

Happy New Year Geoff.

Geoff Gradwell said...

Thanks for looking in on the blog Pete. The same is reciprocated, I follow yours with great interest. Far more informative than my efforts. I was at Knott End until late afternoon but we may well have passed 'in the night'. We may have said hello over at Skronkey one day some time ago, I'm not sure, cars passing on a busy road with Pink-Feet in the fields there. No doubt catch up in time.