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Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Day Out Part 1 (Lytham, Red-breasted Grebe)

I've realised I had better do this report of the day-off in two parts and I have also realised that most of my time is spent 'not seeing things' and not reporting them. In particular I tend not to reference anything unless I have an image to refer to 'as evidence' and more often than not those are rubbish. But as most of the time is 'rubbish' anyway with only highlights... here is a rubbish post! (and before I forget, I do have a tendency to put the wrong name to a bird, so any glaring errors, please do let me know... a bit dyslectic.)

Passing Newton Marsh I called by on a very quiet site, but it was early morning, the sun barely over the horizon, grey overcast and sullen.  However I woke up when scanning Clifton Marsh I watched what to me appeared to be a Marsh Harrier flying south over towards the Ribble. As you can see it wasn't possible to get a photo just a 'glimpse'.

Down at Lodge Lane 4 Bewick Swans and 7 Whoppers with about 20 Canada Geese, while at Fairlawn Avenue, Lytham a lone Curlew on the beach with approx 200 Pintail at the waters edge, some way out.

The Red-Necked Grebe was showing briefly at Fairhaven Lake but I could only manage a record image as you can see, poor light and all. It appears to have a habit of sleeping near the jetty for most of the day, maybe it isn't too well, or just tired as well as lost.

While many folk reading this may be local and know the area and bird life far better than I, there are one or two overseas visitors from outside of Lancashire and even the UK, so sometimes I add items for their benefit. Whereas to us the sky full of Pink-Footed Geese may be a common sight and nothing unusual, for many people (even those in Yorkshire and Kent) this can be a 'major event'... so here are some geese going overhead!

I managed a pair of brambling (no image) at Ansdell, thanks to a tip from Mr M Jones and then off to the car doctor. I've added a Jay just to brighten up  the page... one I took earlier in better conditions.

Postrcript, if you can be bothered, this post is delievered in conjunction with the next, mainly because it was all on the same day and illustrates the diversity we are so lucky to have around the Fylde, when you know when and where to look (which I don't).

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