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Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Day Out Part 2 (Knott End, Turnstone and Twite)

Having been to the car doctor I proceeded to the north of the Fylde at Knott End. The tide was in so I hoped to catch up with my friends, the Turnstones... another freezing day when I lost all feeling in my fingers! (and if you think the Turnstone pics are 'ok', you want to see the 800 that are blurred and out of focus etc).

I was hoping the sun was going to come out mid morning but to no avail, despite the weather forecast so once again, damp grey and overcast (as well as freezing)... and then to add insult to injury the sun appeared as I was indoors having lunch. As soon as I dashed out again (indigestion) and parked the car, the sun disappeared behind a huge black cloud! One of those days!

I never 'saw' a Meadow Pipit until recently and of course now I see them everywhere... the other pipits I'm not too sure about. However I am relatively happy I encountered Rock Pipit but any confirmation appreciated. I enclose the two images because they were consecutive shots, one Rock and the other Meadow... quite a surprise for me. 

A Rock Pipit... because it was there

Along the esplanande I dropped on a couple of Twite (and another Meadow Pipit, along with Pied Wagtails). Just a bit too far away for anything other than record shots. The sun finally came out very briefly and I caught two Dunlin on the shoreline.

I think I had better add a Part 3!


Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, top and bottom are Rock Pipits Geoff.

Geoff Gradwell said...

Thanks Pete, I thought so but always appreciate confirmation... I'm slowly getting better at ID's and learning all the time.