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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dead Seal and Cretacean – Squeamish move on

Many of you will know I am a frequent visitor to Knott End and consequently always try to get out 'on the front'. Today was just one of those days when all seemed quiet...

It started off with two Red-Legged Partridge on the esplanade near the beach, clearly trying to avoid being cannon fodder. Even diving into the sea wall rocks looking for cover!

I walked down to Cockers Dyke and there was the Juvenile Cuckoo that had been well reported and covered extensively elsewhere. You will see I couldn't even get close, other than a borwn blodge in the distance. Some good views in the bins nevertheless. Bumped into the lovely Mr M Jones and a few folk I've not met before. A few Golden Plover on the sands, before walkin back. A Norhern Wheatear saw me long before I could get close enough for a decent photo.

About to depart the esplanande and 'that doesn't look like a log' methinks out there on the beach... way out there on the beach. Too intrigued... off I set across the beach heading for the horizon. Getting even closer I could see it wasn't moving but it didn't look like a log or tree trunk, but then again. Furthermore the accompanying gulls suggested something else might be afoot. I was somewhat taken aback as I approached to come across a smaller 'log' about twenty metres before the bigger lump, a dead cetaecean and on to the big lump, a dead common seal. I reported both sightings. Surprising what is out there off the coast.

I have always wanted to have a go at that micro-light thingie, but still saving up... so anyone out there with cheap training flights, let me know! I have noticed they do not appear to be using the beach area quite as much as they used to, so perhaps a quiet ear in your shell-like may have worked.

The images are not much use other than a record of the day. And finally on the way home, a juvenile Pied Wagtail wouldn't get out of the road over on Pilling Moss!
These numpties are lost
Northern Wheatear

Lapwing with Golden Plover (Cockers Dyke)

Golden Plover
Juvenile Cuckoo, Cockers Dyke

Mixed group of gulls

Dead Seal with Guards
Dead cetacean, male!
Our friends in a microlight


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