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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

On the road again...

Don't chew on humbugs! Regular readers will know why... another trip to the dentist... in Southport! Still the sun was out. Sometimes my posts wont be about bird pics I'm afraid... sometimes the environment and composition is equally important to me.

Not much to report, so look at the pictures. Except there were three buzzards well high up over the estuary, well high, looked like common buzzard to me, but somebody had said there were three Marsh Harriers about.

I'm hopeless at the type and age of gulls!
I could adjust this, but I like it the way it is: Canada Geese and look carefully for two Greylags

I love the wide-open space and skies of the Ribble Estuary (and Mori cam bie bay)
Once upon a time, Little Egret were 'rare' up north, now they appear common as muck!

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