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Sunday, 18 July 2010


Just a quick word, as you will know not only new at 'birding' but also at this blogging m'larkey and my inadequacies accepted. Maybe it is my neurosis and paranoia manifesting itself, which has always shied me away from this type of blog and desire for anonymity; however I have noticed this blog going 'pear-shaped' in a spectacular short period of time. Many of the original links don't work and have gone AWOL and I have noted some of the content appearing elsewhere already without permission. Not a problem for those that ask and obtain consent but copyright is copyright, respect is respect, for one another and all that. There is and always will be ignorance and stupidity but deliberate misuse is not acceptable and file corruption and crawling computer virus's are not in the slightest way clever or funny (rhymes with 'anchors'). I may have to check out the security settings but if anyone has any knowledge of specific security issues on these blogs and on the web, I would be pleased to hear from you.

My apologies if you are finding access frustrating and links that don't work, I will try and repair what I can as soon as possible (but don't hold your breath). If you come across any problems, do let me know.

Now let's get back to the wildlife etc.

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