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Monday, 19 July 2010

On t'beach

I think we are all going stir crazy now with this weather and all. Enough said?
I managed to jump out between showers to little avail but I did bump into that lovely man Maurice Jones for another quick chat. After a quick call by Newton Marsh which was 'dead' I ended up at Lytham at Fairlawn Road in the hope something interesting might have blown in. I hadn't checked the tide times and the tide was just beginning to ebb. A number of Swallows were coursing the sea wall and tidal debris, picking off sand flies and insects I guess. What surprised me was a number of Swallows landing on the sea wall. Taking a break from proceedings and preparing themselves for their long journey I guess. I say surprising because one expects to see Swallows on overhead wires and cables etc and not too often do you see them landing on the beach and sea walls, but probably nothing out of the ordinary; I have seen them land on tarmacadam roads so no big deal. 
Along with the Swallows were a number of what I think were Pied Wagtails. Alba mozzerella and all that do my head in, so let's just say these juveniles all appeared in varying juvenile plumage. By all means advise. (I know it's a cheese... just a little joke... I need to brush up on my Latin... 'THAT BOY in the corner...' was always me!).
Popped into Fairhaven Dunes and apart from four juvenile Blue Tits, two Long-Tailed Tits there was a Whitethroat. Nothing of interest around the sea wall other then 'Jake the Peg'. Sadly I came across this rabbit with 'mix a ma toes innit'. I know they can be a damn nuisance but to see any animal with a disease, and one introduced by our good selves is 'disappointing'.
Newton Marsh on the way home didn't really produce anything other than a Sparrowhawk flying over eastbound carrying food. And yes it was raining here too! Just about to go and get the bailer... I may be gone for sometime!

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